Quick Input Demo Video

See the short demo on the quick input plugin’s functionality.

If you want to try it yourself, follow the installation guide in the documentation.

Then create the following domain class and the scaffolded controller.

package howtoquickinput

class Howto {

    Date foo
    Date bar

    Number one
    Number two
    Number three

    static constraints = {
        foo(attributes:[errornode:"this.parentNode", errorclass:"error"])
        bar(attributes:[errornode:"this.parentNode", errorclass:"error", register:"foo"])

        one(attributes:[errornode:"this.parentNode", errorclass:"error", decimals:2])
        two(attributes:[errornode:"this.parentNode", errorclass:"error", decimals:2])

        three(attributes:[errornode:"this.parentNode", errorclass:"error", decimals:4, function:"one * two", register: "one,two"])

One Response to “Quick Input Demo Video”

  1. Jim Mason says:

    very well dsigned plugin and very useful. Thank you!

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