Quick Input Plugin Release 0.1

I’m proud to announce version 0.1 of the Quick Input Plugin for the grails web framework (http://grails.org).

The plugin provides new input tags supporting some mass input capabilities.

They provide functions to easily input

  • dates, only using the number values, and
  • number.

Main feature is that you can link (relate) one field to another. Whenever you change a field, the related field is change.

Here an example for number fields:

Just enter a number in the "foo" field.

You enter a number (e.g. 2):

You enter a number (e.g. 2).

The data in field “bar” is automatically calculated – as soon as “foo” looses focus – using the provided formula.

The value of "bar" is automatically replaced by a formular.

For further information visit the documentation page.

2 Responses to “Quick Input Plugin Release 0.1”

  1. Brad Whitaker says:

    I’m unclear on how to “link one date field to another”. Documentation and/or example of this seems to be missing. Or am I missing something that’s already there?

    • tim says:

      Hi Brad,

      you could simply add the attribute register to the tag containing the name of the linked tag.

      E.g. you have one tag
      <qi:dateInput name="foo" value="${new Date()}" />
      and another tag
      <qi:dateInput name="bar" value="${new Date()}" register="foo"/>
      Whenever you change foo, bar is changed to that value, too.

      Does this make it more clear?



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